Covid-19 vaccination campaign

Covid-19 vaccination campaign
The vaccination campaign for University staff will start on March 5th , 2021.

In the first phase of the campaign, only teaching / researcher and administrative technical staff will be vaccinated following the agreement between the Conference of Rectors of the Lombard Universities (CRUL) and the Lombardy Region.

The other professional figures who work with different roles in the University (contract professors, holders of research grants, doctoral students, etc.) will be involved in the second phase of the vaccination campaign.

The Lombardy Region has made the AstraZeneca vaccine available to the Lombard universities, which includes two doses, with a second administration 12 weeks after the first. Information on the AstraZeneca vaccine can be found on the AIFA website.

The staff involved in this first phase will be contacted by telephone to make an appointment. Vaccinations will be held directly at the University thanks to the support of the Medical Center.
All information and operating instructions for vaccination are available on the University intranet, at the following link.

Access Monitoring

In order to monitor the access of teaching staff, research staff, fellows, and external staff at the University, please fill out the form at least one hour before arriving at the University and no later than one hour after entry. in one of the locations (FILL THE FORM) 

Health and Safety

The health and safety of all who study and work here is our highest priority,  and we will all need to make adjustments to the way we live and work. There are certain actions that are crucial for all of us to adopt to make things as safe as possible for everyone in the community.  In particular, you are asked to follow the rules and best practices shown in this video: 

Covid-19: University of Milano-Bicocca safety guidelines for students

Finally, the activity of the Crisis Committee continues to monitor and update the operational prevention and safety measures at the University.

by Redazione Centrale, last updated on 05/03/2021