Academic entrepreneurship - Spin-Off

What is a Spin-Off?

It is a Hi-Tech enterprise with a business core focused on the commercial promotion of the results of scientific and technological research.

A unique characteristic of a University Spin-Off is that it can be promoted by professors, researchers, colleagues or students.

University of Milano-Bicocca Spin-Offs are either subsidiaries if the University holds a stake in its registered capital, or accredited if there are no registered capital shareholdings involved.
The University supports the creation and development of Spin-Offs with various kinds of initiatives (legal, financial, organisational), in order to encourage the creation of new business initiatives in sectors of technological interest.

What are the University's policies and guidelines for Spin-Offs?

The University's policy for the promotion of Spin-Offs is described in the document "Strategic guidelines and operative policy for the promotion of entrepreneurship and Spin-Offs at the University of Milano-Bicocca", approved by the Board of Directors on 23rd December 2014:

In what Company Form can a Spin Off be presented?

S.p.A. (joint stock company) and S.r.l. (limited liability company) are admitted by the University's Spin-Off Regulations.

Submit your proposal

If you have an innovative business project, fill out the documents and send them to the Office for Patents, Spin-Offs and Company Relations.


For information and clarifications: 
[email protected] 
Or contact:
Research Department - Office for the Promotion of Research - Patents, Spin-Offs and Company Relations  - Building U9 Viale dell'Innovazione, 10 - 20126 Milan 


The non-permanent Spin Off Commission is composed of at least 3 permanent members: the Rector or her Delegate, with the function of President; a Head of the Sector responsible for the Valorisation of Research, identified by the General Manager; the pro-tempore Director of the proposing structure or his / her delegate.
The current composition of the Commission is as follows:

  • Prof. Salvatore Torrisi, as President (Pro-Rector for Research Enhancement and Full Professor at the Department of Economics, Quantitative Methods and Business Strategies);
  • Dr. Mariarita Pellicanò (belonging to the Research Area - Research Enhancement Sector); 
  • Pro-tempore director of the proposers' membership structure or his delegate.
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