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Choosing University of Milano-Bicocca means becoming a part of a vibrant, youthful and dynamic community rich in services for you, your free time, your university life and beyond.

Here follows a list of various opportunities available for you.

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Soft skills development
University of Milano-Bicocca offers a multitude of services and projects for its students, contributing towards the development and recognition of soft skills.
  • Rosetta Stone is Bicocca's language learning software of choice for students, teaching staff and administrative technicians. 24 languages, courses without any enrolment limitations, all available online and free of charge
  • E4Job is the platform where students can acquire, consolidate and certify necessary competencies for succeeding in an increasingly digitalised civil society and world of work
  • iBicocca is the University of Milano – Bicocca project dedicated to quenching undergraduate and post-graduate students' thirst for learning, innovation and business 
  • Bbetween is a University of Milano-Bicocca project designed to boost and enhance the soft skills of students, teaching staff and citizens. Cinema, music, performing arts, foreign languages, functional and creative writing, multimedia, cultural heritage and civic engagement are topics covered along various pathways.
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Cultural activities

The University promotes the development of activities, events and projects for cultural growth. It also encourages and strengthens ties with the local area, partly through agreements with the main cultural institutions in Milan and beyond. 

Discover the cultural offering of Bicocca.

Work at the University
Work at the University
There are numerous paid and voluntary work opportunities at the University.
Choose the most suitable one for you:
Student Associations

The University is rich in student associations promoting various initiatives; view the dedicated page to find out more.

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Music in Bicocca
The University has a Choir and three orchestras: the University of Milan-Bicocca Orchestra, the World Music Orchestra and the Guitar Ensemble.
Participation is open to students, lecturers, technical-administrative staff and former students, but also to people from outside the University who wish to experience ensemble music, both choral and instrumental.
Sport at Bicocca

There are numerous sports activities reserved for Bicocca students. Football, tennis, volleyball, gym, floor exercise courses. Numerous events and tournaments are organised, including CorriBicocca, Valanga Bicocca and much more.

Choose your favourite sport.

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Residences and catering
The University of Milano-Bicocca provides residential accommodation for students living away from home. Accommodation is provided according to the Right to Education principle, to students who must apply to obtain it at a reduced price. 
There are several canteens and bars on campus.
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Welfare and the right to education
University of Milano-Bicocca students can access a series of benefits, grants and services as part of a commitment to guaranteeing the right to study.
Consult the dedicated pages:
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Sustainable living

Bicocca has rolled out numerous initiatives to enable sustainable living on campus and beyond.
Here are a few:
Water and food
Sharing Mobility

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Health pathways

The University of Milano-Bicocca wishes to promote a greater awareness of healthy lifestyles among its students. Each of us can improve our health by following a healthier diet, heightening our awareness of alcohol and cigarette consumption and by making time for exercise and rest, every single day.
Discover all the initiatives rolled out as part of the Health Pathways awareness-raising campaign 


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Living the district
The University of Milano-Bicocca is a highly modern campus-district integrated in the city, with facilities for studying and socialising, study rooms, libraries, residences, canteens and free parking, in a fluid and natural exchange with accommodation, squares, stores, companies and places of cultural generation.
Discover the district:
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