Safety in the workplace

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Safety at the University

This section contains information on different aspects concerning health and safety for people who study and work at the University.
A series of institutional figures, listed here below, have been entrusted with the management of health and safety at the Milano-Bicocca University. Italian Legislative Decree 81/2008 as amended specifies their precise duties and responsibilities.
  • The Employer and the Directors/ Heads of Discipline
  • Heads of learning and/or laboratory research activities/ Heads of Department
  • Appointed resources
  • Prevention and Protection Manager
  • Occupational health physician
  • Worker Safety Representatives
  • Worker

The Prevention and Protection Service

The Prevention and Protection service is an internal facility whose purpose is to achieve the best occupational health and safety conditions.
Its duties are:
  1. to identify and evaluate risks to health and salubrity at the workplace;
  2. to prepare preventive and protective measures and for the use of protective devices, in compliance with legislation in force, grounded in a specific knowledge of the individual company's organisation as well as systems for the monitoring and control of said measures;
  3. to prepare safety procedures for various company activities;
  4. to propose health and safety training programmes and provide workers with information on health and safety, pertaining to their own activities;
  5. to participate in consultations regarding health and safety protection, periodic meetings with the Occupational Health Physician, the Employer and Worker Safety Representatives;
  6. to cooperate with the Occupational Health Physician for health monitoring activities.
Contact details
facility e-mail: [email protected]
Address for training: [email protected]
Address for health monitoring: [email protected]

Worker Safety Representatives

The Worker Safety Representative (WSR) is the person elected or appointed to represent workers as regards occupational health and safety issues.
At the start of the month the Employer, Prof. Cristina Messa, appointed new Worker Safety Representatives (WSR) for the three year period 2017-2019, as follows:

  • Elisabetta Donzelli
  • Donata Menegazzi
  • Giulia Pacifico
  • Mario Bossi
  • Giampiero Latino
  • Roberto Manera
  • Norberto Oggioni
  • Silvio Pagani
  • Francesco Rubini

Employer Proxies for Health and Safety Matters

The Employer, General Manager Ms. Loredana Monica Luzzi, issued function proxies for the fulfilment of certain duties regarding the protection of the health and safety of workers and students, to improve effectiveness and efficiency in the promotion and coordination of activities for safeguarding the well-being for everyone who works, studies and attends the University of Milano-Bicocca.
  • Mr. Stefano Moroni, Director of the Infrastructures and Procurement Department, has been delegated by the Employer to pursue functions for the adoption of fire prevention and fighting measures.
The appointment of specifically dedicated figures is confirmation of our University's will and commitment to pursue health and safety targets, proof of just how important this issue is to us.
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