Innovation pub

What is Innovation Pub?

It is a place, a pub where participants can discuss relevant issues around how to enhance research activities, such as the creation of spin-offs and start-ups, patent development and acquisition and collaborations with companies, to favour technological transfer and innovation.

At Innovation Pub discussions are also held on public engagement and on the role of research at local and national level, in order to promote a responsible and effective innovation process.

If you have a business idea you'd like to bring to life, a brilliant idea you'd like to patent, or if you are simply curious and looking to get involved, Innovation Pub is the place to start.

How Innovation Pub works

Each month an aperitif is organised as an occasion for a themed meeting (6-8 pm), where guests present the topic and offer insights for discussion and debate.

It is not a closed conference, everyone can contribute, simply by bringing along their own experience and point of view. The aim is to obtain concrete answers on discussed topics, simultaneously forging fruitful connections between researchers, students and guests at the evening, to promote the University's third mission.

This is why after the opening talk, guests have the chance to mingle with those present at the aperitif and engage in informal discussions, offering their own knowledge transfer experience and their advice to anyone looking to implement similar actions.

Registered Office

The new venue for monthly events will be Fuorimano OTBP, via Roberto Cozzi 3, Milan. 

Upcoming Events

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Innovation Pub events are organised by a small group of researchers coordinated by the Vice Rector for research promotion, Salvatore Torrisi, with the support of the team of the University's Research Department.

For more information:
Research Department ([email protected])

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