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Activating the entrepreneurial, innovative and enterprising side


iBicocca is the University's project dedicated to students who are looking to develop a spirit of initiative, inquisitiveness and flexibility, by interacting with players of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Events and activities proposed across all three paths nurture a culture of innovation and the development of soft skills.  

For the most motivated students, the Platinum path also offers specific business start-up training, provided by the project advisor Nuvolab srl. These students also take an active part in the iHelp service.

The iHelp helpdesk is available for anyone with a business idea, providing a free service for the discussion, analysis and business plan creation for start-up proposals.

Are you a student? 

You will develop a proactive attitude, acquire transversal skills and develop a strategic network. You will have the chance to earn an Open Badge, which can be converted into university credits, subject to your plan of study. 

For more information about the project visit the website www.ibicocca.it


by Comunicazione, last updated on 06/10/2020