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The University of Milan-Bicocca was born around the idea of the campus. The two poles in Milan and Monza are organised into large spaces where teaching, research and services facilities are integrated: technologically advanced lecture theatres, study rooms, research centres, teaching, computer and research laboratories, libraries.
Support services are integrated with the neighbourhood and include canteens, bars, residences, auditoriums, gyms, the Bicocca Stadium, and parking.
The BioMedical Campus
The Department of Medicine and Surgery is located in Monza in order to be close to the San Gerardo Clinic Hospital, which is the seat of care and clinical research activities aimed at personal health.
The Biomedical Campus includes other healthcare facilities in the Lombardy region, where students carry out their professional training activities (internships).
Bicocca Worldwide
Marhe center

Alcyoneum (MaRHE Center)

The University of Milan Bicocca is also located on the island of Magoodhoo in the Maldives archipelago with the MaRHE Center - The Marine Research and High Education Center, where researchers from the University can collaborate with Maldivian colleagues to study new solutions for sustainable development and students can spend periods of mobility for study and/or research purposes. 

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