Cross-programme opportunities


Bbetween is a University of Milano-Bicocca project designed to boost and enhance the general skills of students, teaching staff, other staff and citizens.

The project encourages people to nurture their interests and past-times and to invest in themselves, based on the belief that personal skills are the most important and versatile of all.


iBicocca is the project by the University of Milano – Bicocca dedicated to the activation of the "i" side (innovation, initiative, intelligence) of all students enrolled in three-year undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD courses.

iBicocca aims to spread the culture of innovation, raising awareness among student about how they can become businessmen, activating them to tackle work and personal challenges in store for them in the future, with a spirit of initiative, inquisitiveness and flexibility.

iBicocca was launched in October 2015 and provides an opportunity for boosting awareness and knowledge of main topics and initiatives linked to the business world as well as the Italian innovation ecosystem, by expanding your network and interacting with everyone who is a part of it.

By participating in different activities and interactive meetings, students can enrich their knowledge and acquire transversal and ancillary skills which are in increasingly high demand in the world of employment.
iBicocca is also a driver of information which gives visibility to initiatives linked to the topics of innovation and entrepreneurship that are already running at the University.


by Redazione Centrale, last updated on 10/02/2020