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The reception of students with disabilities and specific learning disabilities is a very important moment, which is taken care of in a particular way at the B.Inclusion Space. The welcome meetings and interviews aim to offer you a moment of listening, to share your previous training history and to define together with the professionals of the Space the most appropriate forms of support for the start or continuation of the university path, through the formulation of the Individualized University Project (P.Uo.I.)

In your school history you may have had or have heard of the Individualized Educational Plan (P.E.I.) or the Personalized Didactic Plan (P.D.P.), the document that contains the compensatory tools and dispensatory measures that students with disabilities and with SLD can use based on to current legislation.

In our University the document that has the same function as the P.E.I./P.D.P. is called Individualized University Project (P.Uo.I) and allows you to identify the services and / or supports to follow lessons more effectively, to study with more functional strategies and tools and to take exams in the most appropriate ways for your learning profile. The compilation of the P.Uo.I. it is not a bureaucratic act: it takes place within a relationship with the professionals of the B.Inclusion Space and with the possibility, if you are a freshman, to discuss with colleagues and colleagues from the course or department, with whom you can share reflections, questions , strategies… and maybe even future moments of study together!

It is possible to find information regarding the supports that the University grants during the entrance tests and to know in detail the specific services aimed at students with disabilities and / or specific learning disorders that can be provided to individual students, once enrolled. , based on actual needs. To request information, please contact the B.Inclusion Space directly, during opening hours, via:

The service, active throughout the year (except August and September), is carried out through an interview with the staff of the Service. The service is aimed at potential users, their families, teachers and / or other operators, and aims to:

  • expose the University's governance lines regarding people with disabilities and people with SLD
  • implement the wealth of information useful for university choice
  • provide an overview of the types of services offered
  • describe the characteristics of the individualized support service for admission tests
  • illustrate the general characteristics of the enrollment and reception process for new students who intend to use the services

To be able to use it, it is necessary to book an interview by choosing one of the availabilities in the calendar, taking care to indicate the following data in the "description" field:

  • name and surname;
  • telephone number (home and / or mobile);
  • e-mail address (required for sending the invitation).

You will then receive a confirmation email with an invitation to the interview which will take place online.

The phases of the reception process for freshmen with SLD who wish to make use of the supports for the use of teaching and for participation in exams include:

  • online enrollment procedure: if you want to use the services, indicate that you are a student with SLD, check that your certification is valid before uploading it, then confirm that you want to use the specific services provided by the University.
  • booking A_A3_2_Group meeting: After carrying out the previous steps, during the enrollment procedure, a calendar will automatically appear with the dates relating to the group meetings.
  • composition of groups: at this point, if you have confirmed, the system inserts your name in a group of up to 12 people from your same Degree Course / Department. For the mometno the procedure is completed, you do not have to do anything else.
  • invitation to the meeting: you will then receive an e-mail that will contain the day and time of the meeting and the instructions to participate.
  • day of the meeting: the B.Inclusion Space Professionals will describe the different services and supports available and will guide you in the elaboration of the (P.Uo.I.), a document that contains the tools and measures you wish to use and which it will be valid until 31/3 of the following year.
  • viewing and printing P.Uo.I: in the following days you will be able to view and print your P.Uo.I from the personal page on the On-Line Secretariat, so you can send it to the teachers whenever you decide to request one or more supports for the lessons and / or for the exams, as detailed in the Instructions for the Use of the Services.
  • monitoring interviews and definitive P.Uo.I formulation .: by 31/3 an individual monitoring interview will be scheduled, during which you can tell us how the first semester went and, if necessary, change your P.Uo .THE. which will become definitive. If you do not participate in the monitoring interview, your CAN expire and you will not be able to use the media contained therein.
  • monitoring questionnaire - renewal of registration: at each renewal of registration you will have to fill out a questionnaire on the progress of your path which will be used by the professionals of the Service to minotorate the activities.
  • amendments to the P.Uo.I. - at any time you can request an interview with the professionals of the B.Inclusion Space to request changes to the document.

Did you have any problems making an appointment during the online enrollment procedure?

Write to [email protected] to request your appointment.

Are you a student who has already been enrolled at Bicocca University for one or more years and initially decided not to request any support, but now are you thinking of using the services offered by the B.Iinclusion Space?

Write to [email protected] to request your appointment.

Following enrollment or during the course of study, in order to activate the services, it is necessary to have an interview with one of the Service professionals.

During the online enrollment procedure, freshmen must indicate that they are students with disabilities and subsequently confirm that they want to use the services provided by the University.

The IT procedure allows you to book an appointment with the B.Inclusion Space to carry out the Welcome Interview. Should errors occur or the possibility of making an appointment via the procedure should not appear, alternatively, an e-mail must be sent to [email protected] to request an appointment.

For students already enrolled in the University who initially opted not to request any support but who want to know and later use the services offered during their academic career, it is possible to request the Welcome Interview (for the possible formulation of the P.Uo. I.) by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

by DSA office, last updated on 22/06/2022