An accessible campus


In the more than twenty years of its history, the University has spent itself with coherence, resources and a precise vision to promote widespread attention for students with specific learning disabilities and disabilities, for their educational histories and orientation paths. , starting from the informative interviews and the very delicate moments of the entrance tests, the first test bench for the university itself of its accessibility and reception practices. Accessibility, personalization and sharing are the keywords by which the professionals of the Binclusion space are inspired in their daily work of listening, accompaniment and mediation: a multidisciplinary commitment aimed at minimizing the barriers to learning and participation in emotional, educational and cultural paths which are typical of the university experience.

On the Bicocca campus, architecturally designed to be open to the neighborhood and accessible to all, we work day after day to ensure that accessibility is only the first step towards autonomous and meaningful planning for our students, inside and outside the university.

An inclusive University: watch the video
by DSA office, last updated on 22/06/2022