Evaluation Committee

The Evaluation Committee is the University’s body for evaluating its teaching, research and administrative activities.

Based on Chapter III art. 16 of the University Statute, the Evaluation Committee has several responsibilities: 

  • verifies the quality and efficacy of the teaching programme, including against the indicators identified by the Joint Committees, in accordance with Article 33;
  • verifies research activities undertaken by University bodies;
  • verifies the accuracy of the scientific or professional backgrounds of holders of teaching contracts;
  • produces an annual report on the University's teaching and research activities, including on the basis of reports provided by the Departments, Schools and Joint Committees, and communicates these to the Rector, the Academic Senate and the Board of Governors;
  • evaluates interventions and the correct use of public resources;
  • validates the performance report;
  • proposes to the Board of Governors the annual evaluation of managers and the attribution of their results-related remuneration;
  • verifies the results of and good practices in equal opportunities;
  • expresses a binding opinion on the activation of courses of study;
  • expresses an opinion on the projected balance sheet;
  • monitors the overall functioning of the evaluation system, transparency and the integrity of internal controls;
  • guarantees the accuracy of measuring and evaluation processes in accordance with the principles of meritocracy and professionalism;
  • completes annual investigations into employees in order to gauge the level of organisational wellbeing;
  • regularly gauges the opinions, through the Quality Committee, of students on teaching activities, produces an annual report and communicates this to the Ministry and to relevant national evaluation bodies;
  • fulfils all other roles attributed to it by the law and by the University regulations.

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