Board of Auditors

The Board of Auditors is the body - composed of legal and accounting experts - responsible for monitoring the propriety of the University’s administrative, financial, accounting and asset management.

According to Chapter III art. 18 of the University Statute, the Board of Auditors:

  • monitors the propriety of accounting and financial management and certifies the conformity of the report with the results of the management, producing a report accompanying the proposed ruling on the final accounts;
  • expresses an opinion on the projected budget and on budget changes;
  • undertakes all necessary checks to ensure the regular course of the University’s administrative, financial, accounting and asset management, submitting any findings on management to the Board of Governors;
  • checks that books and accounting records are being kept properly;
  • undertakes, at least once every three months, a cash audit and checks on the existence of values and shares owned, deposited or stored in any other way;
  • inspects the University’s spending centres, both collectively and through individual roles allocated to the members of the Board by the president.
  • carries out the check on the compatibility of the costs of collective bargaining with budget and legal restrictions;
  • fulfils all other roles attributed to it by the relevant legislation.

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