Board of Governors

The Board of Directors is responsible for matters relating to the strategic direction and development of the University, with consideration to the proposals and opinions of the Academic Senate and in respect to the prerogatives of teaching and research bodies.
The tasks, composition and functioning methods are established by the University Statute, under Chapter II, art. 12.


The Board of Directors having considered the opinion of the Academic Senate where provided for in this Statute, is responsible for the following specific matters:
  • approving, on the proposal of the Rector, the annual and three-year financial and staff planning document; deciding on the financial and staff resources allocated to University bodies;
  • approving, on the proposal of the Rector, the projected annual and three-year budget and the final accounts, and sending these to the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research and the Ministry of Economy and Finance;
  • deciding on the cost of fees and other University contributions and setting the percentage of this to be allocated to cover the needs of courses of study;
  • deciding on exemptions from fees and other contributions, the value of scholarships for students and research fellowships and other forms of economic contributions;
  • monitoring the financial sustainability of University activities;
  • approving the activation, modification and closure of courses, campuses, Schools and Departments;
  • allocating courses of study, Specialisation Schools and PhD courses to each Department;
  • approving participation in forms of association decided to enhance research activities;
  • approving the establishment of service centres of interest to the University;
  • approving the administration and accounting regulations;
  • allocating, on the proposal of the Rector, the role of General Director;
  • adopting, in accordance with Article 19, disciplinary measures relating to professors and researchers;
  • approving Department appointment proposals for top- and second-tier professors and researchers. If it does not approve, the Board of Governors provides grounds for this decision;
  • deciding on the use of the University Reward Fund for bonuses for professors and researchers, as identified according to relevant regulations;
  • ruling, having consulted the Academic Senate, on the classification, as associate professors, of fixed-term researchers who have obtained the national scientific qualification, within the context of available resources, in accordance with current legislation;
  • expressing an opinion, within the limits of its remit, on the teaching and research regulations, including those of the schools and Departments, as well as expressing an opinion on the Code of Ethics set out in Article 3, Point 4;
  • ruling on the outcome of tenders for the allocation of contracts for works, services and supply, in the event that a public procedure is required;
  • approving the performance plan and objectives allocated to management personnel, in addition to the subsequent performance report;
  • approving the total amount of resources to be allocated for supplementary agreements;
  • fulfilling all other roles attributed to it by the law and by the University regulations.

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