Cultural activities

The University promotes the development of activities, events and projects for cultural growth. It also encourages and strengthens ties with the local area, partly through agreements with the main cultural institutions, not only in Milan. 


All of the University’s departments promote and organise various types of events: seminars, shows, workshops, conferences, round tables and more. 


The Library, in collaboration with the University’s other departments, supports the University in its “third mission” initiatives and organises events to promote scientific culture, workshops for schools, book presentations, exhibitions and concerts that are open to the public, as part of CuriosaMente - Cultural events in the Library

Musical activities
Music Orchestra
There is a choir and two orchestras at the university: the University of Milano-Bicocca Orchestra and the Guitar Ensemble.
The choir and orchestras offer an opportunity for integration between the University’s various members and between the University and the local community.
Participation is open to students, teachers, technical and administrative staff and former students, as well as people from outside the University who wish to participate in a musical ensemble, both choral and instrumental.
In addition, as part of the University’s project Bbetween devoted to the acquisition of interdisciplinary skills, the Music area is dedicated to music listening and practice. Activities range from participation in concerts and performance lectures to instrument and singing courses.
Cultural agreements
Agreement Business

The University has signed agreements that consolidate and strengthen its relations with the main Milanese cultural institutions.

Discover the advantages that the active agreements offer students and staff!


Bi-PAC – Interdepartmental Research Centre for Artistic and Cultural Heritage – operates thanks to the wealth of interdisciplinary skills at Bicocca, with the aim of further disseminating research on cultural heritage and giving it maximum exposure.

The Centre is a hub that promotes public engagement programmes and is involved in the organisation of cultural and educational activities, including outside the university. 


Among the events promoted by the University, the exhibitions  
present the results of research 
offer educational and training activities for schools.
are the result of a network of collaborations with other institutions
expand the cultural offer for the neighbourhood and its inhabitants
These varied projects each offer relevant scientific insights, historical and literary reflections, social analysis and urban exploration from an interdisciplinary perspective. 
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