Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence

Description of the course

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Become a Professional in the 4.0 world with the firm support of three major universities that can take you to the heart of this century’s technological turning point with specific courses related to developing advanced automation tools and human-machine interaction with ‘intelligent’ behaviour.
  • Expertise in applying Artificial Intelligence to data analysis and knowledge management for communications and marketing
  • Expertise in applying Artificial Intelligence to embedded systems and intelligent manufacturing processes
  • Expertise in applying Artificial Intelligence to bio-inspired algorithms and human-environment interaction systems
  • Expertise in applying Artificial Intelligence to mathematical models and physical technologies

The degree program offers, mostly during the first two years, fundamentals in computer science, mathematics, physics, statistics and cognitive sciences. It is specifically focusing on those that allow to understand the theoretical bases and techniques of artificial intelligence.

A background in law and ethics, essential to understand the constraints that limit the socially acceptable use of these techniques, is also provided. The professional and cultural profiles shaped by our course diverge from computer science graduate thanks to our interdisciplinary approach, that identify the latest developments in artificial intelligence

by Area della formazione, last updated on 11/05/2023