Artificial Intelligence

artificial Intelligence
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Inter-university course
Presentation of the course

The new Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence is an international and inter-university project of the Universities of Milano-BicoccaMilano Statale and Pavia. Taught entirely in English, the programme will have its administrative headquarters in Pavia, but classes will be held on all three campuses.

The programme trains experts in the theoretical foundations, techniques, methodologies and applications of artificial intelligence, in order to contribute to the diffusion and advancement of knowledge and skills on this subject and its applications, thus promoting technological innovation and fostering the economic and social development of our country. Graduates of the Artificial Intelligence programme will have highly interdisciplinary knowledge and skills.

They will have received solid training in the fundamentals of some areas of computer science, mathematics, physics, statistics and cognitive sciences, with a focus on the theoretical bases and techniques of artificial intelligence. They will also have ethical and legal training as required to understand the constraints that limit a socially acceptable use of these techniques.

In the final phase of training, students will have the opportunity to hone certain subjects at their choice, based on their personal goals, and learn how to apply artificial intelligence to specific areas, such as communication, automation and robotics, cognitive sciences, and physics technologies.

Admission and enrolment

Applications for admission are managed by the University of Pavia

President of the Teaching Coordination Council
Claudio Cusano