Applied Experimental Psychological Sciences (AEPS)

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Description of the course

MSc. Degree in Applied Experimental Psychological Sciences (AEPS) offered by the Department of Psychology at the University of Milano-Bicocca is a new innovative two-year study program that focuses on the application of advanced knowledge in psychological sciences to address relevant human needs and tackle diverse issues in a range of contexts and domains.

The goal of the program is to teach cutting-edge perspectives on the cognitive, social, emotional, and neural processes underlying human thought, behavior, language, knowledge, and decision-making. The program will help AEPS graduates acquire advanced theoretical and empirical knowledge, strong transferable methodologicalresearch skills, with a specific focus on application of these skills , combining flexibility (e.g., the methodological research skills can be applied to a wide range of contexts) and specificity (e.g., they are applied to a specific issue during the course).

The call for application is now open

Pre-enrolment at the Online Registry from March 21st 2022 and to 12.00 local time (GMT + 1) of May 6th 2022 by uploading all required documents and by paying the €10 application fee.


65 places:  

45 reserved for candidates who are Italian citizens, European citizens or non-EU citizens legally residing in Italy (Art. 26 Law 189/2002); 

20 reserved for non-EU citizens (visa applicants).

How to apply

  1. Read carefully the call for application page. 
  2. Submit a pre-enrolment application on the University of Milano-Bicocca Online Student Registry” platform; please, read carefully the Instruction to Pre enrollment. Please note that admission procedures vary according to the student’s nationality and place of residence.
  3. Citizens of non-EU countries applying for a visa to enter Italy are obliged to submit a visa application through the ministerial portal Universitaly under the heading “International students”.

Supporting documents to be sumbitted

  • Curriculum vitae 
  • Motivational letter 
  • Evidence of proficiency in English or signed self-declaration of at least level B2 

Only for graduated/graduands candidates from foreign Universities

  • Academic qualifications in Italian or English, if already obtained. (Students enrolled in a Degree Course who plan to graduate prior to and no later than Ocotber 31st  2022 can register under conditional admission) 
  • Transcript of Records
  • Certificate of equivalence of qualification 
  • Letter(s) of recommendation (with a maximum of 2 letters).
  • A detailed description in Italian or in English of the Syllabus in each subject of the Degree Course attended

Selection process  

Provided that the requirements have been met, the applicants will be ranked by the Board according to the following criteria:

  • Grades (up to 60 points): Grades achieved (88 CFU or equivalent) in the academic career.
  • Additional Requirements (up to 40 points): Curriculum Vitae, Motivational letter, Reference letters.
The Board may also invite candidates to take an online interview should it be deemed necessary to clarify the candidate’s skills. The evaluation of the interview will contribute to the 40 points for Additional Requirements. The interview is mandatory for applicants who expect to earn a B2 English language certificate by October 31st 2022. In this case, the interview will not contribute to the 40 points for Additional Requirements.
1 additional point will be awarded to those who have earned an English language level higher than B2 level, or have earned a first-cycle academic degree taught primarily or entirely in English, or have earned a secondary-school diploma taught primarily or entirely in English.

Timeline 2022

  • Pre-enrolment at the Online Registry from March 21st 2022 of May 6th 2022;
  • Only for Extra-EU student resident abroad (requiring student visa) pre-enrolment on Universitaly from March 21st 2022 of May 6th2022;
  • Publication of the ranking lists by May 31st 2022 Enrolment at the Online Registry and payment of enrolment tax from July 4th to  27th 2022;
  • Communication of vacant places July 29th 2022;
  • Enrolment, following the ranking lists from September 6th of 30th 2022.



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