Studying abroad

Doctoral students have the opportunity to carry out periods of training and research at foreign universities or research institutes for a maximum of 18 months.
During periods of study abroad, provided they are longer than 30 consecutive days, the amount of their grant is increased by 50%.
At least one month before departure, all doctoral students (both recipients and non-recipients of grants) must send the application form to study abroad, countersigned by their Coordinator, to [email protected], attaching a photocopy of their ID document.
In order to receive the increased grant, students must send the attendance certificate, signed by their foreign tutor, to the Payment Office - [email protected]. by the 30th of each month.

Jointly supervised theses
The joint supervision of theses makes it possible to obtain a joint Research Doctorate qualification, recognised in the two countries which have made the joint supervision agreement.
To apply for joint supervision it is necessary to have the favourable opinion of the teaching staff of the Doctorate Course and the agreement signed by the two Rectors, the Thesis directors and the Coordinators of the Courses.
The doctoral student will alternate their research activity in the two institutions under the supervision of the Thesis directors.
Joint thesis supervision agreements are normally part of framework agreements between countries (the Conference of Italian University Rectors currently has agreements for the joint supervision of theses with France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland) but it is also possible to begin thesis partnerships with other countries.
For success stories of our PhD students/graduates, please visit the dedicated page.
Doctor Europaeus is an additional certification to the qualification of PhD and is not an academic title.
The conditions for obtaining it are as follows:
Two positive judgements of the thesis by two reviewers from two universities in two European countries different from the one where the thesis will be discussed
At least one member of the final examination board must be from a university in a European country other than the one where the thesis will be discussed
Discussion of the thesis in one of the official languages of the European Union, other than that of the country in which the thesis is discussed (French, English, German, Spanish)
Research period of at least 3 months, even if not consecutive, in a European country other than that of the doctoral student
If you are interested in the additional certification send the application form to [email protected].
by Scuola di dottorato, last updated on 22/12/2021