The gross annual Scholarship for attending research doctorate courses is € 16,238.47.

The scholarship is transferred on the 24th of each month in deferred monthly instalments.

The scholarship is compatible with other income received in the same calendar year as long as it does not exceed € 16.243,00 gross net of income from annuities (the scholarship must not be considered in the calculation).

If the income limit is exceeded, the scholarship is suspended and monthly payments received during the year must be returned.
It is not possible to combine the doctoral scholarship with other grants, with the exception of those that supplement research abroad programmes (e.g. Erasmus mobility grant).

The scholarship is exempt from personal income tax and subject only to the INPS Separate Management social security scheme. Therefore, if it is your only source of income, you are not required to file a tax return.
The certification on income (“certificazione unica”) is prepared every year and can be consulted online at using your credentials

The receipts relating to the payment of the monthly instalments of the study scholarship can only be consulted online, by accessing the U-Web platform using your credentials.

by Scuola di dottorato, last updated on 12/09/2022