Enrolment in subsequent years

After the first year, registrations may only be renewed online.
Access your Online Student Registry page and click on "Renew Registration".
This procedure is available from 15 July to 30 September 2021.  

At the end of the registration process the first instalment must be paid using the pre-filled PagoPA slip.
At the end of calendar year 2021, grant recipients will have to submit a declaration stating that they have not exceeded the maximum level of income to be eligible for the grant (€15,000).

N.B. The renewal of registrations for subsequent years is subject to the favourable opinion of the teaching staff. To this end, students must complete a questionnaire on the activities they carried out during the year and a report on the progress of their thesis by 3 September 2021, by accessing their personal page of the Online Student Registry.

by Scuola di dottorato, last updated on 22/12/2021