Psychosocial Advice

The Psychosocial Orientation Service is available for students during all stages of their university careers and responds to psychological orientation needs (of school leavers, undergraduates, workers and graduates interested in degree courses at the University), re-orientation (of students at Milano-Bicocca and other Universities) as well as for educational and professional project development (including attention to expectations, motivations, desires, doubts).

Advice sessions are available on a reserved access basis and enable joint reflection on choices, future perspectives and the chance to explore potential critical issues which may be encountered during the university process, supporting the resources of individuals. 

The Service is run by Psychosocial psychologists who are registered in the Order of Psychologists and specialised in educational orientation.


Contact details

Academic Director
Prof. Elisabetta Camussi - Associate Professor of Social Psychology at the Department of Psychology President of the Orientation Service Network Council
Office: Building U17, Piazza in Difesa per le Donne

For information or appointments (also by Skype): [email protected]


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