Psychological counselling

The Psychological Counselling Service is available to students who feel the need to focus on and clarify any personal issues they feel are interfering with their studies and preventing them from fulfilling their potential.

This service offers a short cycle of one-to-one sessions with psychotherapists and clinical psychologists, Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy graduates as well as experts in late adolescence and young adulthood.

Contact details

Department of Psychology Campus Prof. Fabio Madeddu and Prof. Cristina Riva Crugnola
School of Medicine and Surgery Campus: Prof. Mariagrazia Strepparava and Dr. Marco Bani

Building U17, Piazza in Difesa per le Donne

For information or to book an appointment

e-mail: [email protected]


by Orientamento Stage Job Placement Disabilità, last updated on 07/10/2022