Once in Italy... Getting the essentials

Once you have arrived in Italy you will need to take the following steps that are useful for your stay and also required for the residence permit. You can send the kit without these documents initially but you will have to present everything at the first appointment at the police station.

The tax code is a document used in Italy to identify citizens for tax purposes. This code is required for any type of tax transaction such as signing a rental contract, buying a sim card, university registration, opening a bank account, etc.

Initially, our system calculates a temporary tax code for students who do not reside in Italy to allow them to continue with enrollment but this code must be confirmed by the official one issued by the Revenue Agency. 

How to request it?

Check on this link and you will find all necessary information.

What to do once you get it?

You will need to send a copy of the official tax code to [email protected] (just a copy of the sheet they issue you with the number, a copy of the card is not necessary). 

Scholarship - DSU

You will also need the tax code to apply for the Law for Education Scholarship (DSU). You can apply with the temporary one but as soon as you receive the official one you will also have to send a copy to [email protected]

Once in Italy you will have to take out medical insurance. You will be able to access the treatments of the national health system or take out a private policy. Health insurance will also be required for a residence permit. The residence permit will have the same duration as the period of validity of the health insurance (but can last a maximum of 12 months).

Registration with the Italian National Health Service (SSN)

The insurance is valid for the calendar year (from January 1st to December 31st). Students enrolled in September will be able to purchase private health insurance valid for 12 months in order to obtain a residence permit of the same duration and register with the SSN in the new year, in order to use it for the entire duration of the year.

Check on this link to find all necessary information.


Taking out a private policy:


You can purchase private health insurance in your country before you leave. We recommend that you have the insurance policy legalized by the Italian Embassy and have it translated into Italian. If there is a health care agreement between your country of residence and Italy, which gives you the right to access the Italian National Health Service for free, you must request the documentation relating to the agreement from the Italian Diplomatic Representation in the area and present it to the ATS office. upon your arrival in Italy.

In Italy

You can check on the web about the best insurance policy for your needs.


IMPORTANT: whatever policy you decide to stipulate, it will be valid only after having submitted a regular application for a residence permit.

The abode is the place where a person lives and carries out his personal life on an ongoing basis. The residence is the information entered in the registry office registers. In a nutshell, the abode is the address where you live and the residence is the address where you live but you officially register at the registry office, in Italy they can be two different things.

For the permit of stay you will need to present a residence certificate. This can be the lease agreement if it is in your name or a friend's declaration of hospitality (who will host you on an ongoing basis for this academic year). If you will be a guest in one of the student residences, just ask the manager of the facility for a residence certificate.

After receiving the residence permit, on the other hand, you will have to register your residence and therefore obtain residence. 

The residence can be registered completely online by attaching the following documentation: 

  • entry visa 
  • tax code 
  • residence permit
  • passport
  • registration form

​Check on this link to find all necessary information.

This is the project conceived by the Milano and partners group (an association founded by the Municipality of Milan and the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, Monza, Brianza, Lodi) to attract new visitors, talents and investments for the city by supporting the growth of Milan and making it the friendliest city in the world.

The project for international students in Milan involves the Universities, the Municipality, the Police Headquarters and the Revenue Agency to create an easier path for our students. You will find on their website detailed information on how to do each process, from residence to health insurance to the tax code.  

Other important services offered:

  • One-to-one support on administrative procedures such as registration with the municipality, tax code application and SPID release.
  • Consulting on local urban transport subscription, public healthcare coverage, housing and accommodation contracts.
  • Information on how to live the city and how to join our activities dedicated to international students such as exclusive visits around Milano and Talks on the topics you care most about.
The City will try to make the “paperwork experience” as friendly and smart as possible!

YesMilano Students One-Stop-Shop is fully operating via digital one-to-one calls on Teams.

Consult their website or make an appointment with the one-stop shop for every need.

by Settore Affari Internazionali, last updated on 27/03/2024