Useful info and FAQs

You can choose between a private housing solution or apply for the student dorms in campus.

For the first option, you can visit the dedicated page on the yesmilano website ( to keep up to date with the precautions you need to take when entering into a private contract.

For the second option, you will be able to request accommodation in your scholarship application ( or directly (as a private individual) to university residences.

For all the information on the accommodation reserved for our students, visit the dedicated website:

You can consult the list of Bachelor and Master Degrees we offer on this link:

Remember to select the relevant academic year and read the announcements carefully. If you have any questions about the admission procedure, please contact the admissions office. If you have any questions about the entry qualification, visa procedures, etc. you can write to [email protected]t

If you have completed ECTS abroad and they are consistent with your chosen course of study, you can request recognition of your previous career (i.e. recognition of credits passed) by filling in the form in the appropriate section on this link: (available only in italian)

Remember to check the course regulations and the deadline for applying. If the ECTS you have done were done abroad you will have to apply to the International Admissions and Credential Evaluations Office, sending the form and a copy of the transcript of records to [email protected]. You can include additional information to help the evaluation committee understand the courses you have taken in order to have a better chance of recognition.

All students who meet the requirements listed each year in the "Diritto allo Studio" call can apply for a scholarship. The call for applications is usually published in the summer months. You can find more information here:

If you have read all the information but cannot find the answer to your question, you can contact the office of the right to study: [email protected]

For information on fees, please consult the website:

You will also find material in English with all the necessary explanations but if this is not enough you can contact the tax office:  [email protected] 

by Settore Affari Internazionali, last updated on 29/03/2024