School of Medicine and Surgery

school of medicine and surgery

Description of the course

Uniquely positioned to meet the evolving needs of tomorrow's health care professionals, University of Milano-Bicocca’s School of Medicine and Surgery (SMS) is a Master degree program in partnership with University of Surrey (UK), University of Bergamo and the Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital that endeavors to prepare graduating physicians forleadership positions in the health care sector.

Based in Bergamo, the program has a revolutionary new medical curriculum integrating a rigorous program of basic science education with intensive clinical mentoring right from second year onwards. The program offers a multidisciplinary and inter-professional educational experience fostering an integration of knowledge and skills, open-mindedness, scientific and critical thinking, caring attitude, and a holistic approach to health care needs.

The teaching methodology is based on PBL (Problem Based Learning) that facilitates knowledge acquisition, enhanced group collaboration and team learning across seven major physio-pathological integrated systems: • Cardiovascular and Respiratory System • Onco-Hematology • Locomotor System • Digestive Health • Endrocrine Kidney & Urinary Tract • Neuroscience • Woman and Child (Obstetrics Gynecology, Pediatrics).

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