Public Health

The PhD course in Public Health combines different skills acquired by the teaching staff over the years within the University of Milan-Bicocca in the field of medical statistics, epidemiology, public health and clinical research in the broad sense. Its main objective is to prepare, through training and multidisciplinary research, professional figures who are able to contribute to the development of public health and medical research, especially in the field of observational epidemiological studies and intervention trials. Particular care will be devoted to curricula addressing application of publich health technologies in industrial fields.


Director: Prof. Guido Grassi
Deputy DIrector: Prof. Lorenzo Mantovani

Organizational secretary: Elisabetta Marchesi – [email protected]

Curriculum 1:
Biostatistics and Epidemiology: the statistical method in its development and its applications to the design and analysis of studies conducted in clinical research and the research on prevention, diagnosis and treatment systems
Curriculum 2:
Pathophysiology and disease prevention: includes research on the mechanisms underlying the development and progression of diseases and the study of interventions aimed at primary and secondary prevention
Curriculum 3:
Health Services Research and  Technology Assessment: to inform health policies and practices through research and investigation on safety, effectiveness, performance and value of healthcare services and technologies 

International mobility is strongly encouraged, especially in the second and third years of the doctorate.

Provide high professional skills able to contribute to the development of research in all fields of health. To achieve this goal at the end of the training course a doctoral student must have acquired: 1. solid notions in quantitative disciplines (statistics and epidemiology) 2. advanced knowledge of the research area chosen by the PhD student 3. ability to use the most appropriate approaches and tools for the production of scientific evidence in the field of clinical research and public health 4. ability to explain and communicate research results and to discuss their implications. 5. preparation for the development of a new methodology, updating and methodological and application analysis.

Common area of ​​the Doctoral School. During the first two years of the course the student is required to attend courses promoted by the Doctoral School, aimed at the transmission of transversal skills and with broad cultural content.
Courses and seminars of the Doctorate in Public Health. Each year the doctoral student is required to attend the events promoted by the doctorate and aimed at the study of innovative topics in the field of Public Health.
Thematic issues aimed at the doctoral thesis. In the second and third year of the course the doctoral student is required to develop specific topics related partly to the chosen curriculum and partly to the topic of the doctoral thesis.
At the end of the course the student is required to demonstrate an excellent use of the English language both written and oral and an excellent oral and written communication skills of the research results both in Italian and in English.

 All the educational activities offered are available on e-learning platform:

Antolini Laura Università di Milano-Bicocca    
Badano Luigi Università di Milano-Bicocca    
Bellelli Giuseppe Università di Milano-Bicocca    
Bombelli Michele Università di Milano-Bicocca    
Corrao Giovanni Università di Milano-Bicocca    
Dell’Oro Raffaella Università di Milano-Bicocca    
Di Serio Mariaclelia Stefania Libera Università "Vita Salute S.Raffaele" Milano    
Galimberti Stefania Università di Milano-Bicocca    
Genovesi Simonetta Carla Università di Milano-Bicocca    
Giannattasio Cristina Università di Milano-Bicocca    
Grassi Guido Università di Milano-Bicocca    
Iacoviello Licia Università degli Studi INSUBRIA     
Luppi Frabizio Università di Milano-Bicocca    
Mantovani Lorenzo Giovanni Università di Milano-Bicocca    
Mazzaglia Giampiero Università di Milano-Bicocca    
Mazzola Paolo Università di Milano-Bicocca    
Pieruzzi Federico Umberto Università di Milano-Bicocca    
Quarti Trevano Fosca Anna Luisa Università di Milano-Bicocca    
Rancoita Paola Maria Vittoria Libera Università "Vita Salute S.Raffaele" Milano    
Rebora Paola Università di Milano-Bicocca    
Riva Michele Augusto Università di Milano-Bicocca    
Scirè Carlo Alberto Università di Milano-Bicocca    
Sinico Renato Alberto Università di Milano-Bicocca    
Valsecchi Maria Grazia Università di Milano-Bicocca    
Veronesi Giovanni Università degli Studi INSUBRIA     
Zambon Antonella Università di Milano-Bicocca    
Burzykowski Tomasz Hasselt University, BE    
Esler Murray Baker Heart & Diabetes Insitute/Monash University    
Glidden David V. University of California, USA    
Jordan Jens University of Cologne, DE    
Lurbe Empar University of Valencia, ESP    
Postma Maarten Jacobus University of Groningen, NL
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