Materials Science and Nanotechnology

The PhD program aims at preparing researchers with competence and working independence in the emerging fields of Materials Science and Nanotechnology. The activities of the program include: (1) supervised research at the Materials Science Department, (2) a minimum of six months spent abroad in foreign universities or laboratories, (3) courses, schools and seminars, (4) interaction with leading industrial companies. Activities are organized in the two curricula of Materials Science and Technology of Materials. The latter includes research in collaboration with industries offering PhD scholarships to pursue our program. 

The doctorate is fully inserted into an international framework, and it is partner of the European doctorate in Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials (PCAM) which includes 14 European universities ( and of the “International Doctoral School in Functional Materials & Innovation” funded by the European Institute of Technology.


Director: Prof. Francesco Montalenti
Deputy Director: Prof. Cristiana Di Valentin

Research activities (see span across several fields including design, synthesis, growth, functional characterization and atomistic simulations of nanostructured materials for energy and for applications in microelectronics, optoelectronics photonics, molecular electronics, sensors, electrochemical devices and nanobiotechnology.

The PhD program in Materials Science and Nanotechnology offers two different curricula

Curriculum in Materials Science
Curriculum in Materials Technology

The Materials Science and Nanotechnology PhD program offers to students (i) widespread opportunity to visit foreigner research laboratories/university, to participate in international conferences, and to follow schools dedicated to topics of interest for the student research. It is mandatory for every student to spend a minimum of six months within the three years at a foreign University/Research Center. (ii) World-renowned scientists are invited, not only to teach or give seminars, but to collaborate with the students. Often, new ideas leading to scientific publications came from this activity. (iii) Interaction with industry plays an important role in the organization of teaching within the PhD program. All these initiatives also allow the students to become more open minded in both basic and applied/industrial research fields.

It is mandatory for the PhD students to obtain 8 formative credits (CFUs) in the three years from courses, seminars, and summer schools. Among them, from 2 to 4 CFU must be chosen among the courses on soft skills organized by the doctorate school of the University. Every year the student has to present a written report on her/his research activity and give an oral presentation. 

 All the educational activities offered are available on e-learning platform:

ABBOTTO Alessandro  University of Milano-Bicocca
BERNASCONI Marco  University of Milano-Bicocca
BEVERINA Luca University of Milano-Bicocca
BINETTI Simona Olga University of Milano-Bicocca
BROVELLI Sergio University of Milano-Bicocca 
COLOMBO Miriam University of Milano-Bicocca 
COMOTTI Angiolina University of Milano-Bicocca 
D'ARIENZO Massimiliano University of Milano-Bicocca 
DI CREDICO BArbara University of Milano-Bicocca 
DI VALENTIN Cristiana University of Milano-Bicocca 
FANCIULLI Marco University of Milano-Bicocca 
GALLI Anna University of Milano-Bicocca 
MEINARDI Francesco University of Milano-Bicocca
MIGLIO Leonida University of Milano-Bicocca
MONGUZZI Angelo Maria University of Milano-Bicocca 
MONTALENTI Francesco Cimbro Mattia University of Milano-Bicocca
NARDUCCI Dario University of Milano-Bicocca
PACCHIONI Gianfranco University of Milano-Bicocca
Pezzoli Fabio University of Milano-Bicocca 
RUFFO Riccardo University of Milano-Bicocca 
SALERNO Domenico University of Milano-Bicocca
SANGUINETTI Stefano University of Milano-Bicocca
SCOTTI Roberto University of Milano-Bicocca
SIMONUTTI Roberto University of Milano-Bicocca
VEDDA Anna Graziella University of Milano-Bicocca
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