Graduation application

You can submit the application from your personal page of the Online Student Registry

1. Complete the Alma Laurea questionnaire
2. Only afterwards select “Graduation" and enter the required information. At the end of the procedure you will have to print the receipt and a €32 MAV (giro slip) to be paid by the deadline indicated.
3. Then upload the required attachments (all in PDF format):

a) Report on the activities carried out during the doctoral course to be drafted according to the dedicated model
b) Thesis file with title page (drafted according to the template). The thesis file must be in PDF format and must not exceed 20 MB (on the internet you can find various ways to reduce the size of a PDF file)
N.B. the attached file will be the one reviewed by the external examiners. No paper versions of the thesis are submitted nor any other file other than the one uploaded in the Online Student Registry, and nothing else is filed in BOA. The examiners will access the file directly through a special computer platform.
c) Embargo request (if necessary)

All of the forms and the template of the title page of the thesis are available in the specific Forms for doctoral students section

When the referees have finished their work, the doctoral student will receive an email alert and will be able to view their assessment.
Referees will be able to make 3 types of judgments:
  1. Full approval of the thesis: the candidate is admitted to the final examination. The submitted thesis is final and is the one that will be sent to the National Libraries of Rome and Florence after the final exam is passed. Nothing else is required. The thesis discussion date will be posted on the website.
  2. Minor revision: the candidate is admitted to the final examination, but the thesis requires minor corrections. No further external evaluation is planned. The required changes must be made and the thesis file resubmitted according to the deadlines indicated in the tables. The thesis discussion date will be posted on the website.
  3. Major revision: the candidate is NOT admitted to the final examination and will have to work on the thesis for another 6 months. The thesis file will be resubmitted to the external examiners according to the deadlines indicated in the tables.

Please visit the page in Italian for more details.

Commissioners are required to complete the attached mission form.

Refund instructions and the remaining forms can be found on the missions page

by Scuola di dottorato, last updated on 18/05/2022