Optics and Optometry

Optics and Optometry
3 years
open with assessment test
Department of Materials Science
Presentation of the course

The Bachelor’s Degree in Optics and Optometry belongs to the Class of Bachelor Degrees in Physical Sciences and Technologies (L-30), has a duration of three years and involves the acquisition of 180 university credits (CFU).

The activity includes 19 exams, as well as other training activities, such as internships, foreign language credits, seminars and training useful for entering the world of work, and the final exam. The Degree Course is subjected to local programming (100 students/year), enrolled following a ranking based on the outcome of an admission test.

The Bachelor’s Degree in Optics and Optometry gives the students a scientific background on the basic subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Optics, together with a rather wide knowledge of the concepts and technical methods of Optometry and Contact lens fitting.

This permits achieving the proper scientific and technical level of knowledge necessary for working as professionals able to follow the evolution in the field.

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Adele Sassella