Educational Sciences

Educational Sciences
3 years
limited with entry requirements examination
Department of Human Sciences for Education "Riccardo Massa"
Presentation of the course

The Bachelor’s Degree in Educational Sciences aims to train educational professionals with a theoretical foundation in the educational disciplines that can enable them to understand and to work in educational, social and health contexts.

These professionals can offer their expertise in several areas: schools, educational services, local organizations, private sector, informal and not formal educational settings,
international cooperation organizations, etc. The Bachelor’s Degree provides a specific training in early childhood education.

Generally, the Course lasts three years and it provides for 180 European Credit Transfer System Credits (ECTS). During the Course students are requested to fulfill 19 courses, laboratories, traineeship activities, IT and foreign language assessment and the final paper. Finally, students earn a Degree in Education.
The admission is subdued to a test. The Course is delivered in italian language. Subsequently, they can improve and deepen their knowledge by attending Master’s programs or Master’s Degrees.

The Bachelor’s Degree in Educational Sciences will train specific expertise in order to work in educational, social, health services, in understanding problematic elements of educational and formative processes.

Number of students enrolled
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Graduation rate
Data source: indicatori Anvur - anno 2020 - dati al 2/04/2022

Admission and enrolment

Admission requirements: - Taking CISIA test between 1 January 2021 and 15 September 2022 (included). - Pre-enrollement on Segreterie Online for inclusion in the ranking.

Admission Test

Available places: 670 (no reserved places for non-Eu citizens applying for visas)

Call to admission 2022/2023

The call will be published by the end of may 2022

President of the Teaching Coordination Council
Monica Guerra