Student Visa

student visa

Depending on your nationality, you may or may not need a Student Visa to remain in Italy for up to 90 days. Please consult the Italian Ministry of International Affairs to determine whether you will require a Student Visa or not. 
Some Embassies and Consulates may have different processes and requirements for the Student Visa application process. Please contact your designated Embassy or Consulate to verify these requirements and ensure that you have all required documentation before your appointment.

Documents required

Consulates and Embassies may ask you to bring several documents to the appointment. The list of documents is different from visa type to visa type and from country to country. 

One of the most common requirements for students visa is the proof of enrollment or pre-enrollment in the course of study to be followed in Italy (i.e, your university admission letter). The University of Milano-Bicocca does not provide a pre-evaluation letter, we only provide a letter once admitted to the course of study. 

The Embassy or Consulate will endorse this document at your in-person appointment. Please save the original endorsed document as you will be required to provide it as part of your application in Milano for the Residence Permit (“Permesso di Soggiorno”)

It is recommended that you keep photocopies of all documents that you bring to your Student Visa appointment. Please note that there may be additional documents required, depending on the specific type of study program that you will be following in Italy.

For more information about visa please consult the YesMilano Website.

by Area della formazione, last updated on 14/02/2020