Health Insurance

It is extremely important to have valid health insurance, because it is a requirement for the resident permit (permit of stay) application whichyou have to submit within 8 days of your arrival.  

Perhaps you already have a health insurance, bought at your home country and validated by the diplomatic representation prior to your departure. If not, you can make a voluntary registration at the Italian national health service (Servizio Sanitario Nazionale or SSN), which gives you the opportunity to choose a doctor (general practitioner), who will deal with health problems free of charge, and prescribe medicines, tests and specialist examinations when necessary. Registration is valid for one calendar year.

Alternatively you can subscribe a private health insurance.

EU citizens

As an EU citizen you are covered for emergencies by the national health system by showing your European Health Insurance Card.

Accessing the national health system is very simple:

You can transfer your national health insurance coverage to Italian Health Service (SSN) for the period of your stay, by going to the "ATS - Ufficio scelta e revoca" (office for the choice of the general practitioner) competent on your area of residence in Milan, bringing the S1 form, issued and completed by your home town competent authority, a valid ID and your Tax identification number - Codice Fiscale. You will choose a general practitioner near to you in Milan and obtain access to public or certified health facilities and hospitals, and emergency care at the same conditions as Italian citizens. Make sure you notify the same office when you leave.
In case you don’t have a S1 form along with you, you can still obtain health insurance in Italy, including the Italian National Health Service by voluntary subscription - "iscrizione volontaria al SSN".  
Alternatively you can search for a private service

Non-EU citizens

You must bring proof of internationally valid health insurance coverage, effective for the same duration as your Visa term, to the Italian Embassy or Consulate when applying for your Student Visa.
If you do not have existing internationally valid health insurance, a number of private providers offer qualifying coverage for Italy that can be applied for and obtained in your home country.
You may optionally seek supplemental coverage upon arrival in Milano. Options for supplemental health insurance obtained in Italy include the Italian National Health Service (“Servizio Sanitario Nazionale,” aka “SSN”). The SSN covers choice of a general practitioner, admission to public or certified private hospitals, and emergency care. 

Alternatively you can search for a private service.

For further information on how to subscribe to the National Health Care System please visit the YesMilano website.

by Area della formazione, last updated on 12/03/2020