Research and Preclinical and Clinical Drugs Development 2020/2021

Research and Preclinical and Clinical Drugs Development

Master offered in Italian and/or English

Antonio Biagio Torsello

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The aim of the Master’s in pre-clinical and clinical pharmaceutical research development is to provide cross-discipline training on all scientific, regulatory, ethical, organisational and promotional aspects involved in the development of a new drug, bringing together all training areas that are only marginally addressed or completely absent in Medicine, Pharmacy, Biology, Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology etc.
As a result, students who complete the Master’s programme will acquire a comprehensive understanding of research and development for new drugs. The training is both theoretical and practical, with participants generally already active in the sector or complementing their theory-based training with a placement at a pharmaceuticals company, a CRO, a clinic or a hospital.

Master's Degree or Old Master's Degree in medical-scientific subjects (see announcement).

April 2021 - April 2022


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