Nursing case management

Stefania Di Mauro


in line with the recent indications of the National Observatory of Health Professions, the course aims to develop skills for an integrated, appropriate and sustainable management of complex patients, suffering from multi-morbidity and at high risk of fragmentation of care and inappropriate access and hospitalization. The training will be aimed at increasing the management and coordination skills of integrated assistance interventions to be exercised, in collaboration with other professionals, in complex contexts characterized by constant innovation, using methods and tools typical of case management. The course will offer the opportunity to learn through lectures, exercises, active teaching methodologies, and internships at major health companies in the Lombardy region.


Bachelor degree in nursing (or equivalent italian “diploma universitario” in nursing and midwifery, or equivalent italian Professional qualifications for nurses according to Law L. 1/2002). 

Candidates must have the authorization to practice the profession and / or  be registered in the professional register.

November 2020 -  November 2021

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