Computer Science

The main goal of the PhD program in Computer Science is to prepare highly qualified researchers to conduct research, work and teach in fundamental and applied topics of the discipline, to design and develop complex systems, innovative applications with ICT in different application domains. To achieve this goal, the students will learn scientific contents and methods, design capabilities and practical skills.

The learning path includes a series of specialized courses that deal with advanced topics to illustrate the frontiers of the research and development in the different field of Computer Science, stimulate the discussion around open problems and actively involve the students in research projects.

About 10 students per year are admitted to the PhD program, with scholarships from the University, private companies or research projects either national or international. Great attention is reserved to external private or public institutions, with particular interests for foreign ones since each student is requested to spend at least one semester abroad to complete the program.


Director: Prof. Leonardo Mariani
Deputy Director: Prof. Gianluca Della Vedova


The Doctorate program in Computer Science is hosted by the Department of Informatics, Systems and Communication and the main research areas reflect those of its faculty members and research laboratories. In particular, the main research areas are:

  • Software Architecture and Analysis, Distributed Systems, Imaging and Artificial Vision, Robotics
  • Artificial Intelligence, Date Science, Information Retrieval, Social Media Analysis, Machine Learning
  • Complex Systems, Bioinformatics, Theoretical Computer Science, Formal Computational Models, Cyber-security

PhD program offering: 

  • Each student is supported by a tutor (I, II and III year) and a Supervisor (II and III year)
  • Advanced courses on current research topics
  • Advances courses to develop practical research skills, such as project management, patent and intellectual property, communication, organized by the PhD School in Science
  • Lectio magistralis and advanced courses from the most relevant international researchers organized by the PhD School in Science
  • English courses focused on written and oral scientific communication
  • Italian courses for foreign students (ERASMUS program)
  • Possibility to attend courses of the Laurea Magistrale in Computer Science to consolidate fundamental matters
  • International relationships with the objective of internships in foreign countries
  • Opportunities to be engaged in Research Centers and Labs of DISCo and external Research Institutions already involved in joint research activities
  • Opportunities to participate in research and technology transfer projects in applied informatics at national and international level
  • Funding to attend National and International PhD summer schools, conferences and workshops, and to organize scientific events
  • Each student will be equipped with a personal laptop with free access to digital libraries (e.g., campus + IEEE, ACM, Springer, …), email services, and campus WiFi

All the educational activities offered are available on e-learning platform:

Arcelli Fontana Francesca University of Milano-Bicocca  
Bandini Stefania University of Milano-Bicocca  
Bianco Simone University of Milano-Bicocca  
Bonizzoni Paola University of Milano-Bicocca  
Cabitza Federico Antonio University of Milano-Bicocca  
Ciocca Gianluigi University of Milano-Bicocca  
Ciucci Davide Elio University of Milano-Bicocca  
Della Vedova Gianluca University of Milano-Bicocca  
Dennunzio Alberto University of Milano-Bicocca  
Fersini Elisabetta University of Milano-Bicocca  
Leporati Alberto Ottavio University of Milano-Bicocca  
Lulli Guglielmo University of Milano-Bicocca  
Mariani Leonardo University of Milano-Bicocca  
Messina Vincenzina University of Milano-Bicocca  
Micucci Daniela University of Milano-Bicocca  
Palmonari Matteo University of Milano-Bicocca  
Penaloza Nyssen Rafael University of Milano-Bicocca  
Pirola Yuri University of Milano-Bicocca  
Raibulet Claudia University of Milano-Bicocca  
Rizzi Raffaella University of Milano-Bicocca  
Sartori Fabio University of Milano-Bicocca  
Savi Marco University of Milano-Bicocca  
Schettini Raimondo University of Milano-Bicocca  
Stella Fabio Antonio University of Milano-Bicocca  
Viviani Marco University of Milano-Bicocca  
Vizzari Giuseppe University of Milano-Bicocca  
Zandron Claudio University of Milano-Bicocca  
Zoppis Italo Francesco Università di Milano-Bicocca  
Dustdar Schahram Technical University of Vienna, AUT  
Fraser Gordon University of Passau, DE  
Hanbury Allan Technical University of Vienna, AUT  
Klabjan Diego Northwestern University, USA  
Kucherov Gregory University Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée, FR  
Lucas Peter Leiden University, NL  
Mishra Bhubaneswar New York University, USA  
Nishinari Katsuhiro The University of Tokyo, JPN  
Rosso Paolo Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, ESP  
Trèmeau Alain University Jean Monnet Saint-Etienne, FR  


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