Bicocca for peace

bicocca for peace

The University of Milano-Bicocca promotes an initiative to support the Ukrainian scientific community by providing 10 Fellowship grants for Visiting Professors and Visiting Researchers coming from Ukraine.
Positions have a duration of three months, and are open to professors and/or researchers currently working for Ukrainian Universities or Research Centres, with the aim of offering them the possibility to continue their research and/or teaching activities at our University.

Deadline for online applications is 8th June 2022.

The University of Milan-Bicocca is making available 10 scholarships with the aim of welcoming and supporting students of Ukrainian nationality or coming from Ukraine and holding international protection status, enabling them to start or continue a university course at the University.
Eight scholarships are intended for students of Ukrainian nationality, the remaining two scholarships are for students with international protection from other countries.
Students are required to have a high school diploma (for those intending to enrol in a three-year degree course or a single-cycle master's degree course) or a university degree (for those intending to enrol in a master's degree course) not obtained in Italy before 2019 or currently enrolled at a Ukrainian or foreign university.

The scholarships, with a duration of one year, which may be extended, will be granted by the beginning of the next academic year 22/23.
In the meantime, these students will be able to enrol immediately and free of charge in up to two individual courses until the end of the second semester of the academic year 21/22.

The students, who have been specifically identified, will be the beneficiaries of a scholarship with a total annual value of € 9,625.00, including accommodation in the university residences and food service in the university canteens for 1 meal a day for 6 days. The remaining evening meal and two meals for one day a week will be available at an agreed price. 
Furthermore, the study path of the beneficiaries will be supported by mentorship, tutoring and orientation services. Italian language courses, personalised services for students with disabilities or specific learning disorders and psychological counselling services will be provided. 

The Doctoral School is reserving 9 scholarships to refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary or temporary protection (8% of the University scholarships announced).
In particular, the PhD Programmes involved are as follows:

  • Economics, Statistics and Data Science
  • Computer Science
  • Education in Contemporary Society
  • Physics and Astronomy
  • Legal Sciences
  • Materials Science and Nanotechnology
  • Chemical, Geological and Environmental Sciences
  • Psychology, Linguistics and Cognitive Neurosciences
  • URBEUR-Urban Studies