Cardiovascular surgery and cardiology

Cardiovascular surgery and cardiology


Giovanni Paolini


The course aims to provide students with specialist training in the fields of cardiovascular surgery, cardiology and cardiac anaesthesiology, with a particular focus on complex pathologies affecting both adults (surgery to treat heart failure, heart transplants, ventricular assists, ECMO, surgery on the aortic and mitral valves, surgery on the thoracic aorta) and newborns and children (cyanotic and non-cyanotic  heart defects, transplants and ventricular assists, ECMO). Anaesthesiology and cardiology approaches to the aforementioned pathologies will also play a key role in this Master’s. The Master’s is also open to students from other EU and non-EU countries, a vitally importance aspect that facilitates cultural and scientific exchange between students and between students and lecturers.


Graduates in Medicine and Surgery


november 2019 – november 2020


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