Immigration Law and Migrations Politics

Paolo Bonetti


The Master aims to meet the training needs of Italy where 5.4 million foreigners reside (1.2 in Lombardy), citizens of other EU states or third states, recipients of further migratory flows.

In this context, lawyers, legal operators, social workers, educators, labor consultants, teachers, social workers, communication workers, public officials and members of the police force encounter problems of foreigners, who require the design and implementation of long term and concrete actions, which presuppose an integrated training on the complex and changing norms of the law of foreigners and on the social aspects of the migratory phenomenon.

The Master aims to train new professionals to offer on the job market or to update those who already work in these professions.

Therefore the Master, with the teachings of qualified experts, provides participants with precise knowledge of the legal and historical-political-social subjects that are essential for all operators (legal or social), as well as theoretical-practical training activities that illustrate theories, techniques and practices on application areas relevant to foreigners, also connected to stages.

The knowledge transmitted aims to make known and make use of norms, practices, theories and techniques in one's professional activities and in the planning of new migration policies.

The Master trains people with significant specialist legal and social skills in the field of foreigners' law and migration policies and does not aim to investigate only the migration phenomenon.

The Master is an educational and scientific initiative that also aims to provide useful tools to encourage the coexistence and inclusion of foreigners in all sectors of economic and social life, in a multicutural and multireligious society, to design new migration policies, including taking a cue from the initiatives and experience of other States, and to prevent and combat any type of discrimination, direct and indirect, based, in particular, on sex, race, skin color, ethnic or social origin, language , religion or personal beliefs, political or any other opinions, belonging to a national and / or cultural minority, disability, age, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Bachelor degree in the didactic classes specified in the call for admission

November 2020 - May 2022


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