During your PhD

In this section you will find general information regarding the PhD programmes. 

Rules in the matter of PhD Programmes
Tuition Fees

The Board of Governors sets the amount of the tuition fees on an annual basis.

The first instalment of € 156,00 are the same for all Ph.D programs and all Ph.D students and it is due on the date of matriculation, whereas the payment for a subsequent re-enrolment (Year 2 and 3) is due by September 30th 2021.

The amount of the second instalment, charged only to PhD scholarship recipients, can vary depending on the ISEE (Equivalent Financial Status Indicator) level from a minimum of € 200,00 to a maximum of € 1,200,00 and is to be paid by 16th May 2022.

The payments must be made  by the PagoPA payment slips, that can be viewed and printed from the page “Pagamenti” of segreterie online.

There are three ways to pay using PagoPA:
1. Print the payment slip and pay it to any payment service provider of the PagoPA circuit (banks, tobacconists, etc. ... Note: it is not possible to pay at the post office);
2. Pay online: using the appropriate link on the “segreterie on line“ webpage students can access the online payment function that will offer all payment service providers participating in the PagoPA circuit (there are different possible methods, as debiting a current account or payment by credit card); 
3. For banks using the CBILL system, the interbank code or SIA code is: 1G192. CODE: 1G192. 

Late payment
If you fail to pay by the due date, the overdue amount of the fee will increase based on the length of delay days:
10% of the total amount for up to sixty days;
15% of the total amount for sixty days and over.

For further information on the terms and methods of submitting ISEE (Equivalent Financial Status Indicator) certificates, please visit the Tuition Fees section on the website.

See the tuition fees page. 

Final exam

Application for degree awarding

To submit an application for the final exam, please access your Online Secretary’s Office webpage.

  1. Complete the Alma Laurea questionnaire. 
  2. Select and fill in the “Application for Degree Awarding” form. Once the procedure is complete, the application and the MAV (payment by notice) receipt must be printed and the amount of € 32 must be paid within the established deadline.
  3. Upload the following documents (in PDF format):
      a) a report on the activities carried out throughout the PhD programme, to be prepared in accordance with the special report template
      b) a file with your Thesis Title page (to be prepared as specified in the specific template) in PDF format no larger than 20MB. (Please  note: information on how to compress a PDF file to a smaller size is available on the internet)
    Please note: The external examiners will take into account the uploaded thesis file only. You are not expected to deliver a paper copy of your thesis or to submit any other file to the Online Secretary’s Office nor to the Biccoca Open-access Archive (BOA). The examinerswill have direct access to the uploaded file using a special IT platform.
      c) the application for a thesis embargo, if  necessary 

All forms are available in the Forms section. 


Once the examiners have completed the assessment, the PhD candidate will receive a notice with passing recommendations by email. 
There are three categories of passing recommendations:

  1. Unconditional pass: the candidate is admitted to the final exam. The submitted thesis is deemed final Hence, once the candidate has passed the final exam, it will be forwarded to the National Libraries of Rome and Florence. The candidate has no other obligations whatsoever. The date of the thesis defence session will be published on the following webpage https://www.unimib.it/didattica/dottorato-ricerca/carriera/esame-finale
  2. Minor revision: the candidate is admitted to the final exam pending the completion of minor corrections. No further external assessment shall be made. The candidate must undertake the requested corrections and submit the thesis file within the period from February 16th to March 2nd. The date of the thesis defence session will be published on the following webpage  https://www.unimib.it/didattica/dottorato-ricerca/carriera/esame-finale
  3. Major revision: the candidate is NOT admitted to the final exam and must carry out additional thesis preparation activities for a period of six months. The thesis file must be submitted within the period from 2nd to 31st August to be additionally assessed by the external examiners. 
by Scuola di dottorato, last updated on 04/08/2021