Internationalisation Strategies


Globalisation will bring new opportunities and challenges for the next generations of graduates and academics seeking to prosper in and contribute to an increasingly interdependent world.


Milano-Bicocca will invest time and resources in order to expand its international teaching offer and research opportunities to provide international exposure to students, faculty, staff and community.

In support of the vision, the Strategy focuses on 5 key goals:

  1. Enhance international educational opportunities for University of Milano – Bicocca’s students at campus and abroad
  2. Enhance the presence of International students at University of Milano – Bicocca across Bachelor, Master and PhD levels
  3. Broaden and deepen University of Milano – Bicocca partnerships with international institutions, including the establishment of joint/double degree, student and/or faculty exchanges, and research collaborations
  4. Enhance globally focused research and engagement 
  5. Provide leadership to strengthen the culture of global awareness and appreciation for internationalisation 
by Redazione Centrale, Last update on 2020-03-12