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Active research (also for Ph.D. students):
1. Precursors of early math difficulty difficulties.
2. Executive Function in children with Typical Development and ADHD.
3. The cognitive and neuropsychological profile of ADHD.
4. Behavioral interventions involving teachers and parents of children with behavioral disorders.
5. Neuropsychological profile and predictors of reading and writing disorders.
6. School Wellbeing in Developmental Disorders.

For internship:
The trainee can follow other researches, be involved in data input and write scientific papers.

Master Thesis Research:

Typical and atypical development of the Executive Functions

1. Development of language and executive functions in children aged 4-6 years

2. Neuropsychological training for attention and the Executive Function

3.Executive functions and language-processing measures as candidate markers of specific learning disorders in bilingual language minority children

4.Bilingual learning and the effects on Executive Function


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

5. ADHD in adolescence: analysis of symptoms and cognitive processes

6. The precursor signals of ADHD in preschoolers

Typical and atypical school learning

7. Cognitive and neuropsychological mechanisms in reading learning: decoding and comprehension

8. Validation of a new test to assess spelling skills and analyze cognitive and neuropsychological mechanisms

9. The precursory signals of learning difficulties in preschoolers.


10.Autistic traits in school context and Executive Function

School Well-being

11. Evaluation of school well-being in neurodevelopmental disorders


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