MELINDA Mid-Term Conference on Mobility Change and App-Based Mobility Services

12 February 2021

Date and Time: 12.02.2021, 9 AM - 12 PM ONLINE EVENT

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The Alpine Space project MELINDA is holding its Mid Term Conference on Mobility Change and App-Based Mobility Services. Persuading people to make sustainable mobility choices is rather challenging. In this conference we want to exchange knowledge and experiences on how to induce behavioural change.

An exciting keynote will present you a gamification approach to change mobility behaviour with the use of an app. The 6 MELINDA pilot regions will highlight their project activities. Get to know their approach to changing mobility behaviour. Whether it be with the use of data, policies, or awareness - they are all working on a low carbon mobility in their region. See also how COVID impacted the efforts and what we can all take away from the findings. In the following podium discussion, you have the chance to discuss the topic with the other participants.