Online Linguistic Support (OLS)

In order to incentivise European language learning, the European Commission has created online language courses for students on its Online Linguistic Support (OLS) platform.
OLS is compulsory and is monitored all over Europe. It includes:
a test for students before their mobility period (Assessment 1);
a language course tailored to the needs of each participant;
a test to gauge improvement when students finish their mobility period (Assessment 2)
I assessment
The university distributes the licences allocated to it by the European Commission by 30 June every year, based on the university’s general ranking.
Students are enrolled for the following preliminary assessments:
Spanish for students travelling to Spanish-speaking destinations;
French for students travelling to French-speaking destinations;
German for students travelling to German-speaking destinations;
Portuguese for students travelling to Portuguese-speaking destinations;
English for all other destinations. 

The OLS platform will automatically allocate the verified language course licence to students who obtain a level up to and including B1 in the preliminary assessment.
Students who obtain a level equal to or higher than B2 in their allocated language in the preliminary assessment will be able to choose whether to enrol on the advanced course in the same language or a foundation course in the official language of their destination country (if included on the OLS platform).
The allocated language cannot be changed and students must use their licence.
At their discretion, Erasmus+ destinations can use the language level achieved in the preliminary assessment into account to satisfy their specific language admission criteria. Students must contact their host institution to discuss this.

II assessment

By 15 October each year, once students return from their Erasmus+ period, the OLS platform will automatically send students a reminder to sit their final assessment. Students that haven’t sat the test by 31 October will be required to repay their Erasmus+ bursary in full. 

by Redazione Centrale, Last update on 2022-05-03