Italian language courses

Italian courses for incoming Erasmus+ students
Students from the LLP/Erasmus programme or other International Mobility Programmes must attend a compulsory Italian language course if they do not have a certified B1 level of Italian or B2 level of English.
All incoming students set to spend their mobility programme at the University of Milano-Bicocca  must fill out the Erasmus Italian Language Course Form
The form must be completed before and not more than 30th June for students of the first semester (or annual), and by 31st December for students of the second semester. 
Registered students will then undertake an Italian assessment so that they can be allocated to the most appropriate course. 
For more information, please consult the instructions.
Other italian courses for the Bicocca community
Other participants – students enrolled in an International  Master's Degree programme; students enrolled in  an Italian  Bachelor's or Master's Degree; PhD students; Research Fellows: Assistant  Professors - can enrol to a 45+45 hours italian language course (1 module each semester). 
If you are interested in enrolling you must fill out the Italian Language Course Form (45+45)
Participation to the second module of 45 hours is conditioned by passing the test of the 1st semester course.