Physics and Astronomy

The Ph.D. Programme in Physics and Astronomy offers the opportunity to strengthen the knowledge in fundamental and applied physics. The multidisciplinary environment of the Physics Department provides a broad spectrum of research activities and competences with strong connections to the international community. Within these activities, the student will develop an original research project.

The Ph.D. Programme comprises five curricula:

  • THEORETICAL PHYSICS: string theory and quantum field theory, field theories of the Standard Model, lattice field theories and computational physics.
  • SUBNUCLEAR PHYSICS: particle physics at the Large Hadron Collider, neutrino physics, astroparticles and fundamental physics in space. Digital systems based on microcontrollers and FPGAs. Design and characterization of low noise analog circuits. Physics of semiconductor devices. 
  • ASTROPHYSICS: cosmology and primordial universe, study of galaxies, high energy astrophysics, gravitational waves and their sources. 
  • PLASMA PHYSICS AND BIOPHYSICS: magnetically confined plasmas, thermonuclear plasmas, laser-produced plasmas, industrial applications of plasmas. Experimental study of the structure and dynamics of biomolecules, proteins and DNA, non-linear optical microscopy applied to biosystems, models for dynamic processes, nanoparticles for nanomedicine.
  • APPLIED PHYSICS AND ELECTRONICS: design and characterization of analog or mixed integrated circuits for research projects and for industry. Digital systems based on microcontrollers, FPGA and integrated circuits. Physics of devices based on semiconductors.
  • Mathematical aspects of string theory (a joint curriculum with the University of Surrey – UK. )


Director: Prof. Marta Calvi
Deputy Director: Prof. Maura Pavan

Objectives and research areas

The aim of the Doctorate in Physics and Astrophysics is to train highly qualified researchers with competences and skills in different area of theoretical and applied Physics. At the end of the doctorate course the students have acquired the capability to devise and manage a research and development project in the field of theoretical, experimental or applied Physics. These abilities will be progressively acquired, through the design of a research program with objectives and milestones to be achieved during the three years, and through yearly verification of the progress. In this process the doctoral students will be supervised by tutors expert in their field of research. The research program and the tutors are endorsed by the Steering Committee of the doctorate.

The interactions with the international research centers, foreign universities and companies are essential to develop in the student the capabilities to work in a team and within large frame projects with cooperating units operating in an interdisciplinary approach.

Teaching activities

During three years, the students should attend specific courses selected from a variety organized every year, for a minimum of six credits from the courses offered by the Physics and Astronomy Programme, and two credits from the multidisciplinary courses of the Doctoral School. The students are encouraged to participate in international topical schools to achieve the total number of credits.

PhD Teaching Board
ALIOLI Simone University of Milano-Bicocca
BASCHIROTTO Andrea University of Milano-Bicocca
BROFFERIO Chiara University of Milano-Bicocca
CALVI Marta University of Milano-Bicocca
CANTALUPO Sebastiano University of Milano-Bicocca
CHIRICO Giuseppe University of Milano-Bicocca
COLLINI Maddalena University of Milano-Bicocca
COLPI Monica University of Milano-Bicocca
D’ALFONSO Laura University of Milano-Bicocca
DOTTI Massimo University of Milano-Bicocca
GHEZZI Alessio University of Milano-Bicocca
GIUSTI Leonardo University of Milano-Bicocca
GORINI Giuseppe University of Milano-Bicocca
GOVONI Pietro University of Milano-Bicocca
NATI Federico University of Milano-Bicocca
NUCCIOTTI Angelo Enrico University of Milano-Bicocca
OLEARI Carlo University of Milano-Bicocca
PAGANONI Marco University of Milano-Bicocca
PAVAN Maura University of Milano-Bicocca
PENATI Silvia University of Milano-Bicocca
RICCARDI Claudia University of Milano-Bicocca
SIRONI Laura University of Milano-Bicocca
TERRANOVA Francesco University of Milano-Bicocca
TOMASIELLO Alessandro University of Milano-Bicocca
ZAFFARONI Alberto University of Milano-Bicocca
ZANNONI Mario University of Milano-Bicocca
BATANI Dimitri Université de Bordeaux 1
MANTICA Paola CNR – Institute of Plasma Physics
TARDOCCHI Marco CNR – Institute of Plasma Physics
TORRIELLI Alessandro University of Surrey
WOLF Martin University of Surrey
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