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Simona Olga Binetti is Associated  Professor of Physical Chemistry;  Qualified Full Professor of Physical Chemistry,   Dean of  Chemistry Courses at University of Milano Bicocca; Director of the Milano–Bicocca Solar energy research center -MIBSOLAR  and Representative for UNIMIB  in the steering committee of the Joint Program on photovoltaics of European Energy Research Alliance (EERA).

Her research activity has been mainly devoted to the experimental study of the effect of defects (point and extended ones) on electrical and optical properties of elementary semiconductor (Silicon) and composed (Silicon Carbide, Silicon Germanium and alloy and Copper Indium Gallium Diselenied “CIGS” alloy and CZTS alloy). In this context she developed original research activities about the role of defects on the opto-electrical properties of silicon (multicrystalline and nanocrystalline thin film) for photovoltaic application, of optical emission associated to dislocations and oxygen precipitates in silicon, on the epitaxial growth of Er-doped silicon for photonic application.

Since 1990, she has been involved  in many European Renewable Energy Projects (Multi-Chess 1990-1993; Multi-Chess II 1993-1996; Cost Effective Solar Silicon Tecnology (COSST) 1996-1999 ; Fast in Line characterization tools for crystalline silicon material and cell process quality control in the PV industry (FAST-IQ) 2000-2003 ; N-type Solar Grade Silicon for Efficient p+n Solar Cells (NESSI) 2002-2005;INTAS (2002-2005)  “NANOPHOTO“ (Nanocrystalline silicon films for photovoltaic and optoelectronic applications) (2005-2008), SOLAR DESIGN (On the Fly alterable thin film solar modules for design driven applications 2012-2015)  She has also been involved in different national projects since 2001. 

She has been   the local  responsible of  two European Project (FOXY and CHEETAC ), of one Italian Space Energy (ASI)  project  related to an ESA (European Space Agency)  project “Gravitational effects on heat and mass transport phenomena in directional solidification of upgraded metallurgical silicon for photovoltaic applications”.  She  has been also  Responsible and Principal Investigator (P.I) of  several contracts  with  private companies mainly in PV fields

She has been evaluator of Evaluator and Project Reviewer for EUROPEAN RESEARCH COUNCIL AGENCY  (ERC)    for The Ministry of Science, Education and Sport of the Republic of Croatia;  Project reviewer   for Israel Science Foundation (ISF) , project reviewer   for Italian Minister (MIUR)  (2014) Grant SIR 2014

She has published 4 book chapters, 8 patents  and more than 130 papers in peer and editor-reviewed international scientific journals    ORCID  Author ID: 7003698279  ;

She did more than 35 invited presentations mainly to PV international conferences .




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