Adjunct Lecturer
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By appointment to be requested by e-mail.


Teacher and photographer, she lives and works in Milan. She deals with cinema and architecture and with cinema and art in education.

She currently teaches Film-Induced Tourism at University of Milan-Bicocca and Art history in a High School in Milan but since 2007 she has taught film and artistic courses and dealt with teacher training in various universities.

Her research interests focus on the representation of urban space, on the relationship between cinema and visual arts, on the teaching of cinema and art. She has recently carried out the project "Exploring Rai digital archives: a new didactic methodology for social inclusion and discovery of the environment" (FIAT/IFTA Media Study Grant 2020). Among her most recent publications, the edited book Borders. Geographical and Symbolic Trajectories between Cinema, Architecture and other Disciplines (Aracne) and the articles Vision, Space, Tourism. Models of Exit from Established Places for «Esempi di Architettura», Blackboards of the imaginary. Vision, history, new approaches for «Orientamenti pedagogici», The Pirelli-Bicocca Case: The (Dismantled) Factory between Reality and Image for «L’Avventura».

Since some years, she deals with architectural photography and in 2019 she curated two exhibitions of young emerging photographers for the University of Milan as part of the “Obiettivo Immagine” research project.


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