A new sustainable material for coral reef restoration

Friday 07 June 2024
The University of Milan-Bicocca and the Italian Institute of Technology, in collaboration with the Genoa Aquarium, have developed a new material to restore coral reefs damaged by climate change
Researcher Jacopo Gobbato (Milano-Bicocca) positions the new material
Researcher Jacopo Gobbato (Milano-Bicocca) places the new material

Climate change damages coral reefs. In a video filmed in the Maldives in April 2023, an Italian research team demonstrates the properties of a new biodegradable and hardening material designed for underwater reef restoration work. 

This new material was developed by the Italian Institute of Technology and the University of Milano-Bicocca, in collaboration with the Acquario di Genova, and described in the journal Advanced Sustainable Systems in June 2024.

The new material is biodegradable and non-polluting because it consists of two components of plant origin. 

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