Wednesday, 02 September 2020

Medicine and Surgery Single Cycle's Master Degree Admissions Test on 10 September 2020

Access information & Guidelines
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The test will take place on 10 September in Buildings U6 and U7 at the University of Milano-Bicocca
Access will be from Via Stella Bianca for Building U6 and from Via Bicocca degli Arcimboldi for Building U7.
Candidates must arrive at 8:00. In order to gain access to the test, candidates must: 
  • show a valid identification document (the same one used during the registration phase) 
  • show the registration confirmation issued through the online procedure on Universitaly
  • show the completed, signed health status self-declaration
  • candidates from outside of the EU must also show their residence permit and entrance visa for Italy.

Access to Buildings U6 and U7 is exclusively reserved to candidates and individuals authorised by the University Disability Committee where special arrangements have been made for disabled candidates. Parents and other chaperones may not access the buildings and must not form crowds while waiting, even outside the buildings.

It is strictly forbidden, under penalty of exclusion from the competition, to bring into the classroom: bags, backpacks, manuals, even partial reproductions of them, school texts and / or handwritten notes and reference materials, books, pens, pencils , blank sheets and any other suitable writing instrument, mobile phones, smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, earphones, webcams or other similar instruments.

Cloakroom Service is available for all personal items. It is possible to bring only a bottle of water and a snack.


Candidates who fail to bring any one of the aforementioned documents, who bring invalid documents or who turn up after the identification procedure has finished will not be admitted for the exam. The admissions test itself will begin at 12:00. Candidates will have 100 minutes to complete the test.

Please arrive at the stated time in order to leave plenty of time for all identification procedures and checks (triage) to take place before candidates can be admitted to the buildings. All measures in place to tackle the spread of COVID-19 and all physical distancing regulations must also be complied with.
The deadline for joining triage is 11:00
You will not be allowed to join triage after this time.
Candidates are advised to read the guidelines and print the COVID-19 self-declaration form, which they need to fill out and hand in on the day of the test.

All candidates are advised to check this page on the day before the test for any updates linked to the coronavirus situation. 

For those not involved in the admissions test: information on building access and closures on 10 September.

In order to allow for testing activities to take place properly, the opening hours of the buildings in question will be modified as shown below:
Thursday 10 September from 16:00
Thursday 10 September from 16:00

Students not taking part in the admissions tests and external figures will therefore not be able to access these buildings before 16:00.
University staff (professors, lecturers, researchers, technical and administrative staff) may enter the buildings through the entrances monitored by invigilators, provided they display their badge.
- access to Building U6 is only permitted from Via Piero e Alberto Pirelli;
- access to Building U7 is only permitted from Via Padre Beccaro.


by Redazione Centrale, last updated on 09/09/2020