101 Bicocca Researchers in the World Ranking Scientists

Tuesday 17 October 2023
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Stanford University has published the Top 2% Scientists list, a database of 160,000 names selected from 8,000,000 researchers worldwide who stand out for their scientific authority based on the number of publications and citations in their respective fields. The methodology and results of the new standardised metric have been published in the journal Elsevier Biology. 

A total of 22 scientific fields and 174 subcategories were examined for the period 1996 to 2022. The data was collected through Scopus, one of the most important scientific publication databases, and our university is represented in the World Ranking Scientists with no less than 101 researchers. The calculations were carried out using all Scopus author profiles as of 1 October 2023, provided by Elsevier through ICSR Lab

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